1. Increasing amount of death rate of infant baby and several problems which leads to miscarriage of babies.

Background: As stated in a UNICEF report of 2014 death rate of child below the age of 5 years in Bangladesh is 46 per 1000, in 1993 this number was around 133. This was not at all gratifying and new targets have already been set in order to minimise the death rate. This time the target has been set to curtail the death rate to 25 per 1000 to accomplish Sustainable Development Goal of United Nations by 2030, which is almost half of the present rate. Concurrently the death rate of the newly born baby is degraded to 12 per 1000. To reach this target we have to overthrow a numerous amount of challenges. The very first challenge is the absence of knowledge among common folks. For the lack of appropriate education and knowledge they are not cognizant of these issues. A sizeable part of common folks has an apprehensive nature. Rather than consulting a professional doctor for a child people generally prefer incompetent surgeon which results in risk to the life of both mother and child. In addition to that there are few other problems like not taking proper care of a pregnant women, averting vaccination of the newly born infants.

The Requirements: Various methods to decrease the child death rate and proper care of the pregnant women. Assurance of nutritious food, regular health check-up for new mothers and vaccination, breastfeeding, proper food for newly born. So that we will make sure to attain all the targets by 2030..

2. By the year 2030, the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities has to be reduced. Special attention should be given to air quality and municipal and other waste management. And we have to overcome a great deal of challenges for that. All the pollution of cities has to be reduced.

Background:Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) represents the health focus on assured healthy lives and activities and also endorsing healthy welfare at all ages. It consists of ambitious goals and pioneering work to put an end to avertable deaths of new-born and children under 5 years of age, end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, ensure global approach to reproductive health care assistance, safe drinking water and hygienic toilets protect people from chronic disease and enable societies to be more productive economically, and achieve global health analysis and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable healthcare for all.

The Requirements:Self-administered/Point-Of-Care solutions that can be used for detection and diagnosis of several non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and contagious diseases with sophisticated and smart data capture and foolproof which can be further expanded for massive screenings in minimalistic resource settings.

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