1. Marketing Of Agri-Commodities: Implementing seamless marketing of agri commodities beyond the current geographic array.

Background:Government Of India aimed to accomplish this through the eNAM but most trades on eNAM are only intra mandi trades.. eNAM, which was envisioned as a unified national electronics agriculture market, faces multiple hurdles. Grading and contentment are demanding if marketing of agriculture trades has to start happening between mandis that are far apart. Government data show that the six States with the most mandis under eNAM are Uttar Pradesh – 66; Madhya Pradesh – 58; Haryana: 54; Maharashtra – 54; Telangana – 44 and Gujarat – 40. But the platform is not fully functional in any State. There are no scientific sorting/grading facilities or quality testing machines. Lack of internet connectivity is another issue impeding progress.

The Requirements: Technology endorsed solutions to enable marketing of various agri-commodities among mandis of different states.

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