1. Diminish the increasing number of post harvest losses in India by dint of various technologies that enhances the service life of produce at various farm gates.

Background: India’s agricultural losses in harvest and post-harvest are almost around INR 92,000 crores (~ USD 13 billion). In case of durables, semi-perishables and perishables the post harvest losses are estimated to be 10-25%. In addition to that fruits and vegetables have post harvest loss as high as around 30-40% percent.

The Requirements: Versatile technological solutions that will steadily increase the revenue of marginal farmers and peasants by downsizing losses at farm gates, or during handling and storage. These solutions should be in-expensive, handy, environmentally-viable and most importantly extremely scalable.

2. Fishery: Ingenious methods to collect data and use it for fishery management challenges.

Background: Small-scale fishermen in developing countries are face growing challenges. Declination in their catches due to overfishing and in few cases, degeneration of marine life. They invest extra amount of money on fuel and more time out on the ocean to catch enough to keep one's head above water. Furthermore it is not possible for them to hold on with competition from larger vessels on top of that in some cases fishing is outlawed. With half of the fish caught for human consumptions arriving from small-scale and artisanal fisheries, the living of these fishermen are compelling for their society

The Requirements: Solutions that can be used for capturing value adding data with definitive and practical purposes and that allows for data to be shared appropriate software tools and decentralized ledger technology.

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