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With the advent of the New Year, VSSUT National Hackathon, under the theme Ideate, Iterate, Culminate - The very first version of it is on its formation, Ready to signal a technical shift in the Institution. This hackathon, a flagship event of E-Summit 2019 is on its way to be India's biggest in-house hackathon. The purpose of this event lies in its cause of identifying sensitive social issues and problems in entrepreneurship and business domain. This event shall serve as a platform for developers, designers and disruptors across the country come together and harness their expertise to build products in real time and provide effective solution. We aim to take forward the culture of the Smart India Hackathon set by our Honourable Prime minister to promote technologies, student innovations, startups, business incubation and above all crowdsource solutions of problems in public domain across multiple sectors for betterment of nation and set a milestone in the road towards making India a technical superpower.


VSSUT National Hackathon brings time for you to do whatever you want. Is there a problem that nags at you that you just want to crack? Is there a business opportunity that seems feasible? Is there some new tech that you would love to learn? Is there something cool that you just want to do ? They are all perfect reasons to do something for VSSUT National Hackathon.

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Mentors can truly change lives. Instead of giving up after the frustration of one unknown syntax error or the confusion of what language to choose, a mentor can guide a student and help them create a working prototype to show off to their friends. A mentor can inspire someone to continue to build and learn after a hackathon.

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